The highlight of today was watching Francesca shove three gummy bears into her mouth, chew them, and spit them out on the floor. She followed-up with one coin shaped piece of carrot and a little piece of chocolate, both of which she actually swallowed. For the first time ever, Francesca looked like a typical toddler with sticky hands and food on her shirt.

In watching Francesca, I can tell that she is contemplating and processing her new circumstances. She seems to understand the premise of what is going on, but is not to the point of trusting and embracing food…yet. The most incredible part to me is that she is not angry or upset, just thoughtful and uncomfortable.

Today, Francesca went almost 24 hours without a tube feed (she threw-up her last feed at midnight last night). Her diapers are starting to hang on her little body. Her stomach has shrunk and she can no longer tolerate a six ounce tube feed in one sitting. She is too hungry to nap. But, she is also happy, energetic, agreeable, and excited to be exploring the world of food. We could not be more proud of her bravery and strength.

Thank you to all of our friends and family for their ongoing support, encouragement, and faith that Francesca will uncover the joy of eating. She is making critical steps in the right direction and the most important part is that it is on her terms. Today, Francesca choose to live on love and gummy bears (plus 50% of her normal tube feeds).