“The human heart is so delicate and sensitive that it always needs some tangible encouragement to prevent it from faltering in its labour.” -Maya Angelou

The process of tube weaning is above all incredibly emotional. In a single minute, we can go from feeling hopeful, to frustrated, to overwhelmed, to excited, to impatient. And yet, we must find way to present as calm to Francesca. The most stable element of the last twelve days has been the amazing love and support we have felt from our friends, family, and faithful readers.

Thank you for your financial gifts, play dates, emails, blog comments, and phone messages (even if we have not had time to return them). You truly provide the encouragement we need to move on from a difficult moment. It has been so touching to have people, from those who have known us all our lives to those we have only met online, come together to offer their faith and support.

The information and inspiration we have received from the tube weaning community has been invaluable. A particular thank you to Stella’s mom, Amber, for the introduction on her blog, The Life and Times of Stella. I have spent countless late nights, reading the blogs of other successful tube weaning stories and hope that soon ours will enter those ranks as well.