Today was at once another exercise in patience, faith, and miracles. Francesca showed no interest in food this morning, other than as a method to make a mess. She spent her time throwing everything on the floor and pouring her juice into every available bowl and plate of food. She was clingy and needy and we could tell that she was struggling. However, she was struggling in a much more composed and mature way than the previous two weeks of screaming, kicking, hitting, yelling, hysterical, angry tantrums. Francesca held out on us until around 1:30pm without eating much of anything. I tried to remain calm.

And then, she opened her mouth and by the end of the day, this is what went in:

six ice cream cones! (just the ice cream and not the cone for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and bed time)
chex mix (cereal pretzels, and goldfish crackers baked in butter – we made it together!)
normal pretzels, Cherrios, and Kix
a couple licks of a popsicle
orange-mango-peach juice
pear juice
pineapple-orange-banana juice
20+ dried cranberries
a piece of steamed broccoli (stem and all!)
2 bites of buttered sourdough toast
a slice of monterey jack cheese
a little bit of carrot (part of which she spit out)

There likely has never been a parent more amazed by a couch and wardrobe covered in melted ice cream. Every area of our lives has been significantly impacted by the fact that Francesca is happy, asks for food, eats it (at least sometimes), and does not vomit. We are inspired, awed, and ready to continue onwards toward caloric self-sustainment and growth…as soon as Frankie is ready too.